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In order to eventually replace Apple as the market leader in the field of smartwatches, Facebook is planning to develop a new dual-camera smartwatch. According to sources involved in the project, the social media giant plans to launch the device next summer. The goal is to make the device independent so that users can use it without a smartphone.

According to reports, the report comes from The Verge because it recently interacted with the staff of the project, so the Facebook smartwatch will be equipped with dual cameras, and the display module can be separated from the group so that people can take pictures. And video anytime, anywhere.

Facebook Smartwatch with Dual Cameras

There will be a camera sensor on the front, mainly for video calls. The main camera that supports autofocus is located on the back of the module, so users can take high-resolution photos and videos without using a smartphone.

In addition, according to the report, Facebook is encouraging third-party manufacturers to develop device accessories that users can use to connect them to their clothes or backpacks.

According to reports, the social media giant is working with some of the leading wireless operators in the United States to provide LTE support for its next smartwatch. This allows users to use Facebook smart watches without connecting them to a smartphone.

As mentioned above, with the launch of the next generation of smart watches, Facebook wants to shut down Apple’s advantage in smart watch sales. However, the company initially expected sales to reach six figures, which is only a small percentage compared to Apple. The market share of this segment.

However, according to Facebook, future versions of smart watches will play a key role in its AR/VR ecosystem. According to the company, users can use smart watches as the main input device for augmented reality headsets. the company.


According to The Verge report, Facebook will launch the device in the summer of 2022. It will provide three color options of black, gold and white, which is in line with previous reports that Facebook intends to launch a smart watch next summer.

Although previous reports claim that it is a fitness-oriented watch, I don’t think they can put multiple sensors and dual cameras in a compact device like a smartwatch. We will learn more about the device as we approach the final release next year. So please stay tuned for updates on this story.

Featured Image Courtesy: The Verge

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