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After the introduction of Apple’s new app tracking transparency in the iOS 14.5 update, companies such as Facebook tried to criticize the Cupertino giant’s “anti-competitive” policy. According to reports, Facebook is now funding a study that shows that Apple’s new privacy policy harms other businesses and users and is only beneficial to Apple.

If you are not living in a difficult situation, you may be aware of the new app tracking transparency feature in iOS 14. This feature enables users to allow or deny apps access to their IDFA), which is a unique identifier that enables apps to track users’ targeted ads on third-party platforms. How to stop apps from tracking you on iPhone.

Since launching this feature, Facebook has been trying to explain how Apple’s new policy will affect small businesses on its platform by rejecting advertising revenue. However, Apple went further and added a new data protection framework to its mobile operating system. Now, Facebook has funded a study called “Fighting Apple”, which claims that Apple’s app tracking transparency is a malicious competition policy, and Apple masquerades as a privacy feature.

This 23-page analysis was recently published in a research database called the Social Science Research Network (SSRN). Show how the new app tracking transparency feature can benefit Apple and give them complete control over their advertising business. The Facebook Foundation is mentioned in the footnotes of the document. It said, “We gratefully acknowledge support from Facebook, Inc. in funding this

According to Facebook, the new tracking prevention feature in iOS requires a third-party application to request user permission to track. However, Facebook stated that this policy does not apply to Apple’s own iOS apps, and users will automatically “turn on.”

However, Apple CEO Tim Cook has repeatedly stated that, unlike other applications, the iOS system application developed by Apple does not track users on third-party platforms. The application tracking transparency framework does not apply to its own applications. However, Facebook has not given up on your desire to delete Apple’s new privacy policy. Personal data used for targeted advertising. Who do you think is here? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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