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That’s what the gurus say anyway

I’m addicted to YouTube and watch it whenever I’m not writing, meditating, praying, or exercising. Popular YouTubers’ content, particularly in the ‘Make money online’ category, fascinates me.

Several well-known YouTubers instruct their followers on how to make money online. Ryan Hildreth is one of the most well-known money-making experts. His channel is well-designed, and the majority of his video is entertaining. In fact, if you’re new to making money online, you’ll binge-watch his videos for hours.

Smaller YouTubers regurgitate the majority of his content, as seen in one of his videos titled:

“Earn $150 per hour with Google Articles” Ryan encourages his viewers to copy and paste items from Google News into an article spinning website called Spin Bot.

The next step is to create an account on sites like SEO Clerks, Fiverr, and and apply for content writing jobs utilising these spun pieces.

To be honest, no one should advise someone to use spinning software to pass off their stuff as their own in order to apply for jobs.

If you truly want to use Google News to make money online, you should steer clear of this strategy.

Here’s a better way:

  • To find out what’s popular in the news, go to Google News.
  • Write commentaries on a variety of subjects.
  • Make TikTok videos about current events.
  • Make YouTube videos regarding current events.
  • Write curated news content — articles that list the most recent news along with a brief commentary for each story.

Sunday Omony is a celebrity news commentator with over 80k subscribers on her YouTube channel. You don’t have to copy and paste articles into a spin bot to make money with Google News; there are plenty of other options.

I have a news blog of my own, but I’m not making $150 an hour right now. I’m confident that I can develop the blog to a daily income of $1,000, but it’s not quite there yet.

The truth is that many YouTube videos deceive their viewers into believing that they can make thousands of dollars by utilising unethical practises that will almost certainly result in your accounts on these freelancing platforms being blocked.

Some YouTubers even urge their viewers to twist content and submit it to pay-per-post online magazines. It’s not a good idea! You may have permanently tarnished your reputation as a legitimate writer.

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