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DIZO GoPods D TWS, DIZO Wireless Neckband-Style Earphones Launched in India

In May 2021, Chinese giant Realme announced the first DIZO sub-brand in its TechLife ecosystem. After the announcement, we saw several DIZO products on FCC documents and e-commerce websites. Now, as promised, Realme DIZO has launched its first audio product in India. Two new products launched today include DIZO GoPods D, a pair of TWS earplugs and DIZO wireless neckband earplugs.

Therefore, before we start pricing, here is an overview of the main specifications and features of the new DIZO GoPods D and DIZO wireless earbuds.

DIZO Products Launched in India


Starting from true wireless stereo headsets (TWS), DIZO GoPods D has a number of high-end features. They are very light, each earbud weighs about 4.1 grams. The headset also has a 10 mm bass boost driver to reproduce high and low sounds. Thanks to the Peek + TPU polymer composite film, the headset can provide powerful sound.

GoPods D is also equipped with a Bass Boost + algorithm specially tuned by sound engineers and experts DIZO and Realme.

In terms of battery life, DIZO GoPods D can provide up to 5 hours of music playback on a single charge. With earphones and special charging box, battery life can reach up to 20 hours. A fast charge of 10 minutes is sufficient for nearly 2 hours of use.

In addition, DIZO GoPods D has a game mode, which provides a very low delay of 110 milliseconds for continuous audio playback when streaming or playing games. In addition, the earbuds have an environmental noise cancellation (ENC) function that can reduce environmental noise during phone calls and video calls.

In addition, GoPods D supports Bluetooth 5.0 and Instant Connect technology, allowing earbuds to be connected to the device immediately after being removed from the charging case, as well as smart touch for media playback and playback. Answer/reject incoming calls. Waterproof and dustproof grade IPX4. There are two colors to choose from: black and white.

DIZO Wireless Earphones

DIZO Wireless is the second product of DIZO, a pair of wireless neckbands. It is available in four fashionable colors: orange, black, blue and green. It is characterized by its lightweight design and weighs only 23.1 grams.

DIZO Wireless includes an 11.2mm audio driver and the aforementioned Bass Boost + algorithm. In addition, like its big brother TWS, Wireless also has a game mode that provides 88 milliseconds of low latency when playing or streaming digital content.

In terms of battery life, the device can provide up to 17 hours of music playing time on a single charge, and up to 2 hours of use time on a 10-minute charge. It also supports ENC technology to reduce external noise and has passed IPX4 certification.

In addition, DIZO Wireless is equipped with magnetic quick pairing technology, which allows users to close them via the magnetic link button and remove them to immediately connect them to their smartphones.

Price and Availability

In terms of price, the new DIZO audio products will cater to users with tight budgets in India, which is why the TWS DIZO GoPods D is priced at only Rs 1,599, but it is priced at Rs 1,599. First sale at 1,399 rupees Like DIZO Wireless, the device is priced at 1,499 rupees in India, but it was priced at 1,299 rupees when it was first sold.

Both DIZO headsets will be available on Flipkart. DIZO Wireless will go on sale at 12 noon on July 7th, and DIZO GoPods D will go on sale on July 14th.

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