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In the past year, the audio-based social media platform Clubhouse has gained high popularity in the market. Clubhouse has been a pure iOS application for a long time, and it was finally released on Android recently. However, it is still a visitor platform. And no user is allowed to join without the invitation of existing club users. Well, this will change soon.

According to reports, Clubhouse recently held a town hall meeting with the developers and users of its platform. Discuss the impact of app releases on the vast majority of people around the world and “what have you seen on Android since release.” After the town hall meeting, the official Twitter Clubhouse user shared a tweet stating that the app will be fully launched soon. You can see the attached tweet below.

As you can see, the tweet claims that Clubhouse has gained 2 million users on Android since its launch on the Android platform. In addition, the developers are trying to eliminate the invitation-only feature of the platform by releasing a generic version of the app “sometime this summer.”

Basically, this means you don’t need to invite existing clubhouse users to listen to chats from other random threads. The normal version of the application allows all users to join the new social platform and explore it without any consequences. Therefore, the developers claim that the following updates will focus on content detection and notification. You will be smaller.

However, as seen on the platform, such updates will be “very important” because they will draw attention to the clubhouse to compete with various new competitors in the field of live audio.

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