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YouTube is a well-known and popular platform. However, it is one that may not supply you with all of the features you desire right out of the box. Despite having a YouTube Premium subscription, many of us used Vanced because of the additional capabilities it provided. While commercials are an unavoidable component of any online service these days, services like Vanced provide more than just ad blocking. They include more granular video playback choices, device spoofing (which was useful for getting around restrictions), the return of the YouTube dislike button, SponsorBlock, and other features. Even better, you could log in and watch YouTube on Huawei devices, which you couldn’t do before because you had to use a browser.However, recent events with Vanced will compel individuals to seek for other options, and we’re here to assist them.

What happened to Vanced?

Vanced was taken offline by its developers after the team got a cease and desist order from Google, addressing the elephant in the room. Shortly after the news surfaced, we went out to one of the team’s Discord admins, who informed us that they had been advised not to use YouTube’s name or distribute packages that violated YouTube’s Terms of Service. The crew confirmed that it was genuine and had no choice but to obtain Vanced’s download links.

Vanced Manager is no longer available for download from the Vanced website. You can download and install YouTube Vanced, Vanced Music, and Vanced microG if you already have Vanced Manager installed.

Because the existing versions of YouTube Vanced are based on very recent versions of the YouTube app, they will continue to work for the time being. However, when Google makes improvements to the YouTube platform, it’s possible that some features will break over time, and users will be forced to upgrade to a newer version. Little you can continue to use the app for a while longer, there will come a moment when you will need to either use the official YouTube app or hunt for a Vanced substitute.

Best Vanced replacements:

Because of all of Vanced’s advantages, we’ve compiled a list of the finest alternatives to help you prepare for when Vanced stops working. These are some of the greatest alternatives that have all of the features you’re used to so you don’t miss out. They won’t be perfect Vanced replacements, but they’ll get very close.

Buy YouTube Premium

To be honest, the trouble with apps like this is that they’ll always be playing a game of cat and mouse. If Google is serious about finding YouTube competitors, these apps will be shaved down one by one sooner rather than later. Paying for YouTube Premium, to cut to the chase, will provide you 90% of the features that are available here, with the added advantage of supporting your favourite creators. If you watched videos in Vanced without having a YouTube Premium subscription, the creators did not receive any compensation for your viewing. You’ll get most of the things you’re missing with YouTube Premium, plus you’ll keep the lights and heat on for your favourite content creators.

If you just want to pay up, a YouTube Premium subscription starts at $11.99 per month, but you can save money by signing up for an annual, student, or family plan.

YouTube Premium includes 90% of the functionality of Vanced, as well as the chance to support your favourite producers.


NewPipe is a tried-and-true alternative to Vanced that has been around for much longer. It’s fully free and open-source, with features like background playback, picture-in-picture, and video download. It’s constantly updated with new features, and the developers are extremely concerned about privacy. One disadvantage is that you can’t log in to your YouTube account in NewPipe; nevertheless, there are no adverts and it works on devices without Google apps. If you like, you can also share videos from your phone’s regular YouTube app to NewPipe for playing.

If you’re interested, there’s a fork of NewPipe that’s maintained and includes SponsorBlock, albeit the official NewPipe build doesn’t use it since the makers of NewPipe believe sponsorship is a more ethical type of advertising than monitored adverts. NewPipe can be downloaded from F-Droid or the team’s website, and the SponsorBlock variant can be downloaded from GitHub.


SkyTube is unique in that it comes in two versions. The first is “SkyTube Extra,” which includes closed libraries as well as compatibility for the official YouTube player and casting. The other is an open-source version that’s available on F-Droid, however it’s slower to update (up to five days according to the developers) and obviously lacks those extra capabilities.

Regardless of which option you select, you’ll get video downloading, background playback, video blocking, no commercials, and much more. SkyTube is also accessible on F-Droid, but you’ll need to get SkyTube Extra from the team’s website.


LibreTube is an intriguing YouTube app because it is currently in beta. It does, however, have several key characteristics that may convince you to give it a try. One of the most intriguing aspects of LibreTube is that it employs Piped, which eliminates the need to connect directly to Google’s servers. Between you and Google, there’s a server (and LibreTube lets you select from a few). If you wish to subscribe to channels, you can create an account on that server, but you’re not subscribing to any Google-affiliated service.

You can use your browser to view the default Piped front-end that LibreTube employs. Piped is primarily designed for desktop use, but it’s a cool proof of concept for how it may be used as the foundation for a mobile YouTube client. Currently, LibreTube is only available on GitHub.

Kiwi Browser with SponsorBlock, Return YouTube Dislike, and uBlock

You may always use a browser like Kiwi Browser to install extensions and create your own YouTube experience if you don’t want to utilise any of the previous apps. Kiwi Browser is a Chromium-based browser with desktop extension support built by XDA Senior Member arnaud42. There are currently a slew of YouTube-related extensions available on the Chrome extension store, and they’re all installable in Kiwi. In a Kiwi Browser instance, I installed SponsorBlock, Return YouTube Dislike, uBlock Origin, and YouTube Enhancer, and it works remarkably well. It’s not perfect (you must use YouTube in desktop mode in the browser for it to function), but after you’ve got it set up, you’ll have no problems.

In terms of what you’ll receive with Kiwi Browser, you’ll be able to watch movies in HD, without adverts (or sponsorship parts), and you’ll regain access to the dislike button. Furthermore, you may log in to YouTube as usual, and you’ll receive a more desktop-like experience. It’s a little annoying, as sharing a movie to Kiwi Browser isn’t as simple as it is in NewPipe, and there’s no picture-in-picture player, but it works. Even better, Kiwi Browser is a fantastic browser in and of itself, and you might find additional uses for extensions on mobile as well.

If you only want ad blocking, you can install uBlock Origin from the built-in add-on store in Firefox and then access the mobile site.

A cat and mouse game that’s impossible to win

Here’s the thing: when it’s a cat and mouse game, Google always wins. Anyone who violates the YouTube Terms of Service might be forced to stop what they’re doing, which is exactly what happened to Vanced. Only time will tell whether Google plans to pursue these other solutions.

However, one thing is certain. When it comes to open source initiatives like the ones mentioned above, if one goes down, ten more will spring up to take its place.

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