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Battlegrounds Mobile India Fixes Data Sharing Issue with Chinese Servers

Following allegations that Krafton’s Battlegrounds Mobile India is sending user data to Chinese servers, the developer has finally released a statement and fix to resolve the issue. The company released an official statement regarding the data-sharing policy of its newly-launched battle royale title (PUBG Mobile rebrand). Battlegrounds Mobile India has also got a minor update to prevent sharing of user data with Chinese companies.

For those who don’t know, after launching the highly anticipated PUBG Mobile alternative in Early Access, Battlegrounds Mobile India was discovered to send Indian user data to various Chinese servers, including those from Tencent.

In the official statement shared by Krafton, it is “fully aware of the recent concerns over data handling in regards to Battleground Mobile India Early Access test” and is taking the issue “very seriously”. The developers have taken some “immediate, concrete actions” to address the same.

The developer stated that Battlegrounds Mobile India uses third-party solutions to give gamers the opportunity to enjoy a high-level battle royale. During the competition, part of the data was transferred to a third party in China. Karfton reports that the data protection statement has been transferred to these third-party servers. However, no user data that violates the game’s privacy policy has been shared with these third-party servers, claims Karfton.

The data shared by the game should enable account migration, allowing players to transfer their accounts from PUBG Mobile to Battlegrounds Mobile India. In addition, Krafton released an update to the header (only about 200KB in size) to prevent user data from being exchanged with Chinese servers. IGN India confirmed this. After the update, the packet tracker was activated during playback. According to an IGN report, the game was unable to access Chinese servers after the update, and Battlegrounds Mobile India only accessed Chinese servers when data was deleted from the app.

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