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Nearly 9 months after the ban was issued in September last year, PUBG Mobile finally returned with a new profile: just yesterday, “Battlefield of India”. The early experience of the game went live on June 17, and all the beta slots were filled in a few minutes, putting many enthusiastic fans in their best condition. Today, game developer Krafton opened the door to all mobile gamers and gave everyone access to the Indian battlefield.

There have been rumors in the past few weeks that “Battlefield India” (BGMI) will arrive on June 18. Today’s announcement confirms this rumor, even though the game is currently in beta. BGMI Facebook page.

This means you can now register as a BGMI beta tester in India. All you have to do is follow this Become a Tester link, and then you can install the Battle Royale game on your Battlegrounds Mobile India venue. The download size is approximately 700 MB, and the installation size is 0.96 GB. You need to download low-resolution and high-resolution texture packs, maps, and other features from the game.

The expectations for Battlegrounds Mobile India are nothing new. This is the same game as PUBG Mobile, but with minor changes and additions. You have the same weapon, but you have no red blood in BGMI, it constantly reminds you that you are in a simulated world. So yes, try BGMI and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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