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Battlegrounds India: ll the New Features, Pre-Registration Link, and More Details

Soon after the Indian government banned the operation of PUBG Mobile in the country last year, Krafton Inc., the company behind the game, severed its connection with Tencent and began to please the Indian gaming industry. PUBG Mobile India will release trailers, rumors and reports. Now finally has a new name: Battlegrounds Mobile India. Here you can find all the detailed information about Battlegrounds Mobile India (PUBG Mobile India), pre-registration links, features, device compatibility and more information you need to know.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Everything You Need to Know

We already know that PUBG Mobile will be relaunched in the country under the new alias Battlegrounds Mobile India, and Krafton is unexpectedly strict without being called PUBG Mobile India (perhaps to avoid another ban? They have a lot of details about the game) , But on social media, the famous green Sanhok map may be available in the game, and we hope that most of the content in “Battlegrounds Mobile India” will remain similar to the global version of PUBG Mobile. Learn about your favorite Battle Royale game For more information. You can expand the table below and easily jump to the topic of your choice.

Battleground Mobile India: Supported Devices

The original PUBG Mobile game is compatible with many smartphones, and the company even released PUBG Mobile Lite for cheap smartphones. However, currently, we can only confirm the launch of “Battlegrounds Mobile India” on Android smartphones. Its compatibility with cheap or cheap phones. However, although your gaming experience may not be pleasant, you can also install Battlegrounds Mobile India on a cheap device. However, although Krafton has not announced any such plans, we can assume that Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite will be released in the future. For iPhone users, you have to wait a while before Battlegrounds Mobile India can be listed. In the iOS App Store. iPhone users will not do any pre-registration but hope that the game will be available on the App Store when it is released or shortly thereafter.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: System Requirements

Although Krafton has not officially announced the minimum system requirements for Battlegrounds Mobile in India, we can guess based on the system requirements of PUBG Mobile. This may be why you may need to run this new game on your smartphone.


  • Android 5.1.1 Lollipop or higher
  • 2GB RAM minimum
  • 16GB storage space


  • iOS 9.0 or above

Because of these system requirements, almost everyone should be able to run games on their smartphones. Of course, you need more RAM and a better processor to run smoothly. After the game is over, we will update this section with the latest information. life.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Pre-Registration Date and Download Links

From May 18th, Battlegrounds Mobile India can be pre-registered in the Google Play store. As mentioned above, the roadmap for iOS devices does not include pre-registration. Therefore, if you are an iPhone user, you have no choice but to wait. If you can use an Android phone, you need to pre-register here. Please follow the steps below to pre-register for “Battlegrounds Mobile India”:

How to Pre-Register for Battleground Mobile India?

  1. Follow the link in the attachment for pre-registration: Google Play Store, click the “Pre-registration” button.
  2. Then make sure to select “Install when available” so that the game is automatically downloaded to your phone on the day of release. that’s all.
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Pre-registration also brings special treatment to game fans. Basically, everyone who pre-registers at Battlegrounds Mobile India will be rewarded for their interest and passion for the game. According to the Play Store list, you will get “4 awesome pre-registration rewards, recognition mask, recognition device, Celebration Expert title and 300 AG“. All you have to do is to pre-register in the game to get rewards. It can be provided upon request when the game is released and upon your request.

Battleground Mobile India Release Date?

Now it’s time to discuss the release date. If you are reading this article, then you may be as interested in the second edition of PUBG Mobile India as I am. This means that you have browsed the Internet. A note about the release date of the game. Well, unfortunately, Krafton has not announced the official release date of the game. Currently, you can only pre-register for the game. However, we hope that the game will be released by the end of this month or June at the latest. In fact, fan theory (based on the latest social media post attached below) assumes that the release date of Battlegrounds Mobile India is June 10. Keep reading to find out why.

Image from beebom

This theory is far-fetched, it seems far-fetched, but it shows that recent social media posts are very similar to the solar eclipse, June 10 is a circular solar eclipse… so… you know? Like I said, this is crazy, but it may be correct.

How to Download Battlegrounds Mobile India

As mentioned in the previous section, Battlegrounds Mobile India will pre-register first. After the game starts, you can download Battlegrounds Mobile India from the Play Store and iOS App Store. In addition, the official version of the website may also have a direct link, or you can download the game APK. Note: There is no APK available for the game.

Therefore, please make sure that you are not obsessed with APK crooks. The next game is wrong. Get India through the Play Store or Battlegrounds Mobile India official website. Many of you want to know: What is the download size of Battlegrounds Mobile India (or PUBG Mobile India) on Android? How many GB of data do I need to download the game? Well, the download size of the game is about 600MB.

This means that the game’s download size is very small, and the daily data limit is 1GB. For Indian PUBG enthusiasts, it can be downloaded easily. I need to download high-definition texture packs, maps, and other game items.

Battlegrounds Mobile India vs PUBG Mobile: What’s Different?

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As a fan of PUBG Mobile, I am very happy to see what changes Battlegrounds Mobile India will bring to ensure that it is no longer banned in India. Based on the government’s initial complaint against PUBG Mobile, we are already looking forward to some changes, which resulted in the ban early last year. It contains:

  • Player information and data are now stored on servers in India instead of China.
  • Players will dress the spawning grounds, which is the government’s main complaint about the original game.
  • It is very likely that the violence and bloodshed in the game is not very realistic. more.

In addition to these changes, there are some other notable differences between PUBG Mobile India and Battlegrounds Mobile India.

  • Players under the age of 18 cannot play more than 3 hours a day.
  • In addition, underage players can spend 7,000 rupees per day on the game. In my opinion, this still seems to be a large number. But considering how much money the children spent on PUBG Mobile in the past, it is a good thing to have at least a spending ceiling now.
  • The minor must also provide the phone number of the parent/guardian for verification.

For anyone interested in competitive PUBG mobile devices, Battlegrounds Mobile India will have its own e-sports ecosystem. Krafton will develop it in cooperation with local game companies. We hope to see Indian players return to the field of competitive e-sports through Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Expectations

Although Krafton performed well, he didn’t talk too much about the features of the game and the changes we can expect from Battlegrounds Mobile India. I hope to see this in the next update of one of my favorite smartphone games.

Game Modes

We all like to play the classic Battle Royale mode with our team in PUBG Mobile, but flying helicopters and RPG games on Payload is very fun. Team deathmatch and domination are just as fun as the war mode. Hope Battlegrounds Mobile India also provides all these game modes. Even if we can’t get all these modes at startup, we want to at least use TDM with Classic.


Image from

Erangel may be the most popular map among PUBG Mobile players, but it cannot be denied that the icy winter land of Vikendi (which has unfortunately been demolished) is just as interesting as the beautiful Miramar Desert. I hope there are many different cards in the game. As mentioned above, Sanhok seems to have been confirmed, but it is unknown which other cards will be available in the game. We hope that things are not too different from the game. The global version of PUBG mobile version.

Account Sync

It’s no secret that I spent a lot of time on PUBG Mobile in the past. I even purchased Royale Pass several times to experience the clothing and vehicle skins. I’m sure that most PUBG Mobile fans in India spend a lot of time in the game looking for their own skins and finding gun accessories for the arena mode. It would be shameful if Crafton did not bring our progress on PUBG Mobile to Battlegrounds Mobile India. Account synchronization issues It is currently unknown if you can use your old account with existing skins and clothing, or if you have to start from scratch. I’m not sure if your progress on PUBG Mobile can be obtained on the Indian mobile battlefield, but I hope so.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Ready to Get Winner Winner Chicken Dinner in PUBG?

No matter what you want to say about PUBG’s long unfinished mobile restart campaign, no matter what you want to say, it seems to happen at the best time when we are further isolated from the outside world. Play new games at home and re-watch comfortable Netflix TV series like Brooklyn 99, Friends and Schitt’s Creek? It is nothing special. When Battlegrounds Mobile India launches (hopefully sooner rather than later), it will attract the attention of a broad audience, who once again asked for the title of Battle Royale. Prepare for the transition staff, it’s time to land in Pochinki.

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