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Battlefield 2042 is finally embracing goofiness, and we couldn’t be more excited

Battlefield is well-known for its playground, among other aspects, especially when contrasted to other Xbox shooters. It’s a lovely sandbox loaded with a vast range of weapons and vehicles that you can explore with and use in a number of imaginative ways. Players experience an openness and freedom that not many multiplayer shooter games provide, and it is this sensation that has sparked my and many others’ enthusiasm for the franchise.

Recent Changes in the Game

Unfortunately, it appears that EA and DICE have attempted to steer Battlefield away from this path in recent years. Both Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 5 featured maps that were generally smaller and more constrained than previous games, resulting in most infantry fighting feeling extremely Call of Duty-like. Furthermore, the majority of the weapons in these games didn’t feel very diverse from one another, making the weapon sandbox feel overly identical. Vehicles and aircraft, with the exception of Battlefield 5’s Tiger tank, were less effective and had less of an impact on match outcomes.

These fundamental modifications to the franchise have a big impact on enjoyment. The confined, overly-structured landscapes and the typical weapon sandbox made it hard to succeed with any “out of the box” techniques, and the fact that vehicle strength and capabilities were trimmed back made doing anything surprising or unconventional with them futile as well. It was just not able to constructively contribute to your team by experimenting with strange and new ideas, which disappointed me much.

Returning to the roots of Battlefield

Thankfully, it appears that EA and DICE are embracing what made Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 so memorable with Battlefield 2042. The unveiling trailer featured everything from tanks parachuting from the sky to jeeps being pushed off roofs into hovering helicopters, as well as the legendary RendeZook move (jumping out of a jet to blow up another jet with an RPG, then jumping back into your aircraft). The trailer also showcased some of the new sandbox and environment features coming to the game, such as wingsuits and catastrophic dynamic weather systems.

While we haven’t seen any raw Battlefield 2042 gameplay yet, it’s fantastic that EA and DICE are using these wacky, fun-focused techniques and features to show showcase the game. To see the developers fully embrace the ridiculous and silly potential of a large weapon and vehicle sandbox is a breath of fresh air, especially given that the Battlefield 2042 maps are among the largest in the series’ history and will support up to 128 players, allowing for tonnes of fun stuff that was never possible before.

The Battlefield Portal mode, which will allow teams to employ any of the factions, weapons, and vehicles from both Battlefield 2042 and previous Battlefield games on a variety of remastered Battlefield maps, is looking even better. According to the Battlefield Portal teaser, gamers may expect to dogfight with fighter jets in WWII planes, utilise defibrillators in melee combat against Nazi soldiers, use explosives to hurl 1940s-era jeeps against current aircraft, and more. The mode sounds like everything I’ve ever wanted in a Battlefield game, and when it comes out, there’s a high possibility I’ll be playing it a lot for a long, long time.

Finally, it’s evident that devs are embracing the wild sandbox-driven mayhem that made prior entries like Battlefield 4 so popular with Battlefield 2042 and Battlefield Portal. The quality of the gameplay itself cannot be determined until the Battlefield 2042 beta is released, but based on what the developers have shown off in trailers thus far, the game appears to give an experience that my adolescent self could only dream of.

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