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Although Apple Watch 6 is a significant improvement, but the smart watch does not bring any outstanding new features, but this year’s history will be different. There are rumors that the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7 will undergo major updates, whether in terms of design and performance improvements, new features, and interesting vulnerabilities.

Apple Watch Series: All You Need To Know (2021)

There are rumors that Apple is preparing to launch some highly anticipated Apple Watch features later this year, including a redesigned design, blood sugar monitoring, and improved sleep tracking. Will Apple Watch 7 use a mini LED display like the 2021 iPad Pro? Well, only deep diving can let you find the right answer.

Apple Watch Series 7 Release Date

Apple made a difficult decision last year to separate the Apple Watch and iPhone 12 launch events. The first model did not arrive until mid-September, and the iPhone 12 was postponed to October. The situation in 2020 is quite different from that in 2021, and we expect the company to resume its normal hardware release cycle in mid-September.

If Apple continues this long tradition, in addition to the upcoming iPhone 13 series, the new Apple Watch Series 7 will also be unveiled at the highly anticipated hardware event in September.

Apple Watch Series 7: Price

Apple has kept the price of Apple Watch stable for the past few years. I don’t see any good reason why the Cupertino giant will not maintain the same price this year. The entry-level Wi-Fi for Apple Watch Series 7 is expected to start at $399. Each model of high-end WiFi and cellular options cost more than $500. United States

Apple Watch Series 7 Features (Rumoured)

Brand New With Flat Edges

A few years later, Apple Watch is ready to adopt a new design. The Cupertino giant released a major design update last time when Apple Watch Series 4 was released in 2018. Since then, the side-by-side model has maintained the same design with minor adjustments, and Apple Watch 7 will change this.

Well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo announced in 2019 that the Apple Watch will receive a new design in 2021, and now another trusted expert, John Prosser, revealed more details about the design of the next-generation smartwatch. From Apple Watch Series 7.

The sides of the new Apple Watch Series 7 are flatter, which not only gives the Apple Watch a more modern appearance, but also looks more like the iPhone 12 series, iPad Pro, and iMac that supports M1. Likewise, the leak indicates that Apple will launch a new green variant.

MicroLED Display or No?

Due to higher brightness, better color space and energy efficiency, pple plans to equip future Apple Watch models with MicroLED displays; however, there are reports that this will not happen until next year or 2023. Like its predecessor, Apple Watch 7 will continue to have an OLED screen

According to reports, Apple invested US$330 million in Epistar (Taiwan’s leading LED manufacturer) to manufacture MicroLED displays. Compared with OLED and LCD panels, MicroLED is thinner and more energy efficient. In terms of power consumption, the power consumption of MicroLED screens is one-tenth that of LCD screens, and the color saturation is close to that of OLED screens.

This is not all. MicroLED also provides higher dynamic range, higher refresh rate, high-quality brightness and wider color space. This makes it one of the most anticipated features on Apple Watch.

New Rugged Apple Watch “Explorer” Edition

Apple plans to launch a rugged, more shock-resistant smartwatch together with Apple Watch Series 7. Internally, this variant is often referred to as the Apple Watch “Explorer Edition”, and according to Mark Gurman, it is aimed at extreme athletes and athletes. Bloomberg (a trusted source of Apple-related information).

The report said: “This product will have the same functions as the standard Apple Watch, but with the addition of shock resistance and protection to the Casio G-Shock watch series.” According to Gourmet, Apple Watch has additional shock resistance and shock resistance. Will be similar to Casio G-Shock.

Apple released the sports version of the original Apple Watch. However, the Cupertino giant later abandoned this model due to low sales, so it will be interesting to see the fate of the Apple Watch Explorer Edition.

Blood Glucose and Alcohol Monitoring

Another important addition to Apple Watch Series 7 may be blood glucose monitoring technology, which is designed to monitor diseases such as diabetes. According to ETNews, the next-generation Apple Watch will provide blood glucose monitoring through a non-invasive optical sensor. For the uninitiated, measuring your blood sugar (also called blood sugar) is essential for treating diseases such as diabetes.

It is worth noting that measuring blood glucose usually requires the use of an implantable continuous blood glucose monitor (CGM) or blood glucose analyzer. Apple Blood Gluosis is an ultra-fast continuous monitoring solution. According to reports, the Cupertino-based giant has obtained a patent for blood glucose monitoring and is currently focusing on improving the reliability and stability of the technology and ensuring the SEC registration of a British start-up company.

Kingdom Rockley Photonics said that Apple is one of them. The biggest customer, although there is no detailed information about the sensors shipped to the Cupertino giant, the startup’s technology is capable of non-invasive monitoring of blood sugar, body temperature, alcohol, etc.

Now we can wait to see if these features will appear with Apple Watch Series 7, but one thing is clear: the next-generation Apple Watch will come with the latest watchOS 8 software update, which contains detailed information about watchOS 8, please refer to details -Article on this topic.

Apple Watch Series 7: What We Expect To See

Touch ID Support

Apple recently obtained a patent for the Apple Watch’s Touch ID button (via an Apple patent). According to the report, Apple Watch can use biometrics for a variety of purposes, including application authorization, device unlocking, and payment. This is an illusion, but Apple Watch 7’s Touch ID sensor can greatly improve security.

New S7 Processor & Improved Battery Life

Every year, Apple introduces a new processor for Apple Watch. In line with this trend, Apple Watch Series 7 is equipped with a powerful S7 processor, which can improve the speed and efficiency of smart watches. RAM or storage capacity for the next Apple Watch? Well, it’s still not clear. With the Cupertino giant adding storage and RAM every 2-3 years, I suspect that Apple Watch may have more RAM and more capacity this year.

  • Apple Watch Series 6: 32GB Storage/1GB RAM (2020)
  • Apple Watch Series 5: 32GB Storage/1GB RAM (2019)
  • Apple Watch Series 4: 16GB Storage/1GB RAM (2018)
  • Apple Watch Series 3: 16GB Storage/768MB RAM (2017)
  • Apple Watch Series 2: 8GB storage/512MB RAM (2016)
  • Apple Watch Series 1: 8GB storage/512MB RAM (2016)
  • Original Apple Watch: 8GB storage/512MB RAM (2015)

If our prediction is correct, low-priced models may have 1GB of RAM and 32GB of storage space, while high-end models may have 2GB of RAM and 64GB of storage space. We must also compare with competitors such as Galaxy Watch 3 (approximately 2 days of battery life) and OnePlus Watch (14 days of battery life). The battery life of Apple Watch 6 is shorter.

Given the fierce competition, the Cupertino giant does not want its famous smartwatch to lag behind, so it makes sense to expect the next-generation Apple Watch to have a longer battery life. With this in mind, we have also compiled a long list of ideal features and hardware updates for watchOS 8. We hope to see these features and hardware updates in the next version of Apple.

Stay Updated with Apple Watch Series 7 Leaks & Rumours

These are the features, specifications, and vulnerabilities of Apple Watch 7. If all rumors come true, the next Apple Watch will be one of the biggest updates in a long time. There is still a long way to go before smart hands appear, and new loopholes and exciting rumors will emerge in the coming weeks. In order to keep you informed of any rumors, we will continue to update this post with the latest information. Please continue to pay attention to more details. By the way, what do you expect from Apple Watch 7? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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