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Apple also unveiled a new Magic Keyboard to go along with the 2020 iPad Pro, which keeps the iPad in a floating position. Apple SVP Craig Federighi demonstrated the attachment in a video shortly after its release. However, a later report claimed that the Magic Keyboard was causing substantial battery drain for users. As a result, according to a recent patent, Apple may offer a new Magic Keyboard for future iPads that does not have a floating-hinge mechanism.

The patent titled “Sliding Input Device Cover” was filed by Apple back in July this year. It explains an accessory for a computing system, featuring an input device that is “slidably movable yet attached to the cover or case.”

As a result, users will be able to set their device on top of the input device, which is a slidable keyboard, and the keyboard will adjust in accordance with the position of the associated hinge. A dedicated trackpad is also located beneath the keyboard. The patent image for the accessory may be found right below.

If you’re not aware, the current Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro has an angled hinge that holds the iPad tablet in place. The iPad hovers above the keyboard once the back of the tablet is magnetically connected to the hinge. Users can also physically alter the hinge angle to change the posture of their Apple device.

According to Apple’s patent, the attachment does not have a floating hinge like the existing model. It does, however, include a slidable keyboard that slides in or out depending on the non-floating hinge’s position. Even though Apple has filed a patent for an iPad accessory, this does not guarantee that the corporation would commercialize the product. As a result, we recommend that you treat this material with caution.

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