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Since Epic Games filed an antitrust lawsuit against Apple, Apple has removed its popular mobile phone name Fortnite from the App Store, and the two industry giants have been filing charges against their games. Apple recently announced in court that Epic wants to do this. Like Android. Now, an Apple spokesperson testified that Apple has earned more than $100 million from Fortnite commissions.

If you live on a rock, then you may be well aware that the epic legal battle between Epic Games and Apple has begun. It was launched by Epic after implementing a solution to avoid paying 30% App Store commissions for in-game purchases.

Since then, Apple has banned Fortnite from violating its App Store guidelines and withdrawing from its digital market. Since then, the two companies have bullied and blamed each other and asked different questions. Epic went further and hosted a free Fortnite Cup Anti-Apple Award.

Apple’s app store game business development director Michael Schmid (Michael Schmid) represented the company in the third week of an antitrust lawsuit in the Federal Court of Oakland, California. After the title was published in the “Publisher’s Picks”, Fortnite’s sales reached $1 million. That was before the relationship between the two companies deteriorated. In addition, the company previously reported that Epic made $700 million on the iOS version of Fortnite, but it persisted.

However, due to Epic’s allegations against Califo, the disclosure of all commissions Apple receives from Fortnite is important. A huge number depends on whether Apple tracks its App Store revenue. Apple manager said that this is not the case, because he regards the App Store as a function of the iPhone, rather than a separate product. At a hearing last month, Apple’s chief compliance officer Kyle Ander, also a former government antitrust lawyer, allegedly testified that Apple did not issue a public revenue statement for the App Store.

However, in a recent lawsuit, Epic’s lawyers seized a document from the file of Apple CEO Tim Cook that allegedly showed the operating profit of the App Store. The document has been stamped and is still in the hands of the authorities.

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