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Apple has always tended to use recyclable materials to make its products. The Cupertino giant has previously announced that by 2030 it will completely stop using natural resources to make its products. Now, Apple CEO Tim Cook has confirmed that the company is focusing on the development of the future iPhone. Use completely recycled materials.

Cook started by saying that Apple is already a carbon-neutral company as it uses renewable energy for most of its internal operations. However, the company plans to make its entire ecosystem, from supply chains to end-users, carbon neutral by 2030.

From the beginning, Cook stated that Apple is already a carbon-free company, and most of its internal operations use renewable energy; however, the company plans to make its entire ecosystem, from the supply chain to the end user, to achieve climate change by 2030.

The CEO stated that after Apple started using 100% renewable energy in its operations, it influenced its suppliers to do the same. Cook said that in the next few years, more than 100 suppliers have signed agreements that are completely carbon neutral. The Apple CEO said: “We like to think that we can become waves in a puddle and create more beautiful things.”

In addition, Apple’s goal is not to use natural resources to make new iPhones every year. Although the company has not yet achieved its goal, Cook said that Apple’s latest products reflect this goal.

He gave examples of the latest Mac models that use 40% recycled aluminum and the new iPhone 12 series that uses more than 98% recycled rare earths. In addition, Cook also mentioned the use of robotic devices such as Daisy to disassemble the iPhone to use recycled components. For newer models.

In addition, we already know that Apple has stopped adding charging adapters to the boxes of devices such as iPhone and Apple Watch. This measure has triggered industry trends and aims to help companies achieve the 2030 sustainable development goals.

“As it turns out, a great product for a user and a great product for the planet can be one and the same, and that’s the objective that we have set for ourselves”, added Cook. You can check out Cook’s full interview in the video right below.

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