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Amazon Alexa’s virtual voice assistant is already very suitable for finding answers to all our questions, but it is also very useful for educational programs for children and students. To help children improve their reading skills, Amazon recently announced a new education and entertainment service called Reading Sidekick for devices that support Alexa.

Alexa Reading Sidekick

As the name suggests, Amazon Reading Sidekick turns Alexa into your child’s virtual reading assistant. He will read with your children, help them when they encounter word difficulties, and help them develop reading skills.

The automatic reading assistant was launched on June 29th and is part of the Amazon Kids Plus service. It is available for most Alexa-compatible devices, such as Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Dot Kids, Echo Plus, and Echo Show. Voice commands when the smart speaker or display is in child mode (activated via the Alexa app on the smartphone). Therefore, when the device is in child mode, the child only needs to say “Alexa, let’s read” to start the reading assistant.

After enabling this feature, children can choose the physical version of the book on the Fire tablet or the digital version in the Kids Plus app on other devices. You can choose from three reading modes: reading mode, reading mode, and switching mode.

The Reading Modes

If you read a lot of reading assistants, your child will show that they will read most of the selected book. In this mode, the child must read four pages in a row, and the fifth page is read by Alexa. On the other hand, the

Read a Little mode allows children to continue reading while Alexa is reading most of the books. One-to-one mode is a combination of the first two modes, allowing Alexa and the child to take turns reading.

After selecting the preferred mode, Alexa will listen to children while reading to improve their reading skills, correct pronunciation errors, and even give rewards after successful reading. You will answer them with phrases like “Good job!” cheer up. However, one of the main disadvantages of the Reading Sidekick feature is that it does not provide questionnaires or Q and As after the reading session. While reading.


In terms of accessibility, the Reading Sidekick feature is part of the Amazon Kids Plus service that comes with children’s Fire and Echo Speakers tablets. (~5140 rupees) per year. However, if you do not subscribe to Amazon Prime, the price will increase to $4.99 (~370 rupees) per month and $99 (~7,375 rupees) per year.

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