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Airtel, Vi Warns Customers to Avoid Scam Messages Involving KYC Verification

After the coronavirus pandemic, many people chose to live digitally. Therefore, online fraud has gradually increased in the past year. Scammers continue to try to steal sensitive user information, such as payment details, on behalf of KYC verification. Because of this, airlines like VI (Vodafone Idea) and Airtel have been sending alerts to customers to prevent similar financial fraud.

Recently, many Airtel, Vodafone and even Jio users have received spam emails asking them to verify their KYC details. The message also contains a phone number, which the user must dial to confirm their details. Therefore, your mobile account will be closed.

Although these messages contain danger warnings to trick unknown users into clicking links or calling numbers, fraudulent messages can be easily spotted by their appearance. Most of these messages are sent from unknown numbers unrelated to the telecommunications giant. Second, fraudulent messages are improperly worded and often contain various spelling errors.

Citing the rise of these kinds of spam messages in the wild, Airtel has started sending out warning messages to users. “Airtel never asks you to share your eKYC details/ Aadhaar number, download any app, call from any mobile number for verification of your Airtel number, or any SMS that your SIM has expired. Please stay alert of such calls/ SMS as these can result in financial frauds,” reads Airtel’s message.

At the same time, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is also sending a message to inform users that they will not issue a NOC to install the tower. Therefore, if someone comes for you to sign, please avoid that person and so on. Most importantly, please make sure not to reveal too much information about yourself.

Therefore, if you receive a text message and a phone number or link in the future asking you to confirm your KYC information, please check these characters before performing any operations. Remove it from your device immediately.

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